What are we doing here?

Some is good which means more must be better, right? If you watch tv, read magazines, step foot in a store or listen to any self respecting 12-year old you know this must be true.

It seems that even the people who encourage us to simplify our lives are selling us stuff we don’t need. Editors of Real Simple Magazine, you know who you are.

I’m in a very awkward place in my life and hoping this blog will help me work through it and maybe even help someone else along the way. I am a single, thirty-something professionalĀ  who lives in the country and has no choice but to drive a car pretty much everywhere. I don’t wear designer clothes but like to look nice. I don’t make much money at my job but still like to have a nice home and other small luxuries that I enjoy.

I crave Simplicity.

While I don’t want to pillage the environment or rack up mountains of debt, I also don’t want to barter for haircuts or live with furniture that looks like dorm room refugees.

What do I want?

First of all, I want to finish every day knowing that I left the planet in the same condition or better than I found it that morning. It is also important that I find time for the little things that make me happy – read a book, bake a pan of brownies, go for a walk every day and get lost in an antique mall or thrift store once in a while.

More than anything, I want to Breathe.

When was the last time you took a nap? Laid down on the ground and stared at the clouds? Laughed so hard you cried? I don’ t do these things nearly enough.

Some people claim that it is selfish to crave “Me Time” but I couldn’t disagree more. Why do we wear business and exhaustion like a badge of honor? Wouldn’t we be better employees, better friends, better at everything we do if we are rested and happy?

So this little corner of the online universe will be my opportunity to share some of the things I’ve learned. You may see the spoils of a thrifting expedition, an organizing tip, a recipe here and there and maybe even some tips for being happy and thrifty! After all, the two can very easily go together.

I hope you will subscribe and play along.

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